PentacleAn essay by Lady Raven Stormdancer

A friend of mine pointed out that I tend to cover a lot of dark territory in my writing.  She is not wrong; I have focused a lot on the negative in life and what that means.  Conversely, she asked me what happens to spirituality when things are going well.  That interested me because religion is the thing we fall back on when we are sick, hurting or in trouble.  When things settle down, we say, “Thank the gods” and we move on in a bit more of a chipper mood.  But in that fleeting moment of thankfulness, do we really express our gratitude?  How often do we stand at our altars and ask for things?  How often do we stand at our altars and ask for nothing at all? Read the rest of this entry »

By Celestia DragonBee 2014

Upon doing research for Moon Moments, I came across an old farmer’s almanac saying: “Two New Moons in one month were said to predict a month of bad weather.” Hmmmm. We had two New Moons in January and March. For the record – this has been one of the worst Winters in history. Coincidence? Let’s take a look at what April is going to bring aside from spring showers. Read the rest of this entry »

Pagan Circle(An essay by Lady Raven Stormdancer)

Spring is coming, and we begin to crawl out of hibernation and move towards the Sun.  With that move, we reevaluate our goals and dreams that lay frozen in the ice and snow, and make little gestures towards meeting them.  One goal a new Pagan may have is to meet other like-minded people, or perhaps to take a new class.  But when you are new on the Path and wondering what to do, it can be daunting to just look up a random name on Witchvox and hope for the best.  Not all metaphysical shops offer classes, and in some areas it can be difficult to find other Pagans to meet with.  When you finally do find a name of an individual or group, what can you do to be safe and make sure this is the right fit for you? Read the rest of this entry »

By Celestia DragonBee 2014

For many of us, it has been a long, cold, dark winter. March holds the promise of the waxing Sun, slowly warming the Earth. Spring is sprung! But that’s not all. We have a pretty busy Astrological month ahead.

March 1st waltzes in with the New Moon in Pisces. Pisces and the Moon have a natural affinity towards one another. Pisces is the sign of deep emotion. The Moon represents emotional reaction. Together they can make or break you. If you can come into the month of March knowing that your emotions are going to be charged up – you have a most wonderful opportunity to make some long strides in the emotional healing department. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself on an emotional roller coaster. Advice? Ride it out either way. Try really hard not to be reactionary. Feel. Then Heal. It really is that simple. Read the rest of this entry »

Witch's Pyramid(An essay by Lady Raven Stormdancer)

Me: “Great Father, I am in need of ideas to write about in my blog.  The well seems to have run dry.”

Dagda: “Mmmm.  So what are you doing right now?”

Me: “Well, I found that when I am exercising on the treadmill I can close my eyes and quiet my mind so much more easily.  My head clears and I can reach you better.  It’s like exercise and the mystical experience are all tied up together somehow (pause) oh.”

Dagda: (Smiles)

So I decided to take my god’s excellent advice and reflect on the link between exercise and the mystical experience, and in doing that, I wound up going deeper into the unification of body, mind and spirit.  Considering the word mystical means experiencing the Divine firsthand and realizing the Oneness of all things present in the Universe, fusing these three planes of existence seems to be a natural part of the mystical experience.  So in theory, one could join these planes on the individual level and convert it to the Universal.  Read the rest of this entry »

By Lady Celestia DragonBee

To the ancients, February was the month of Purification. A time to cleanse and prepare for the end of Winter and the coming Spring when everything would be born anew. In modern times, we welcome February as the ending of Winter only IF the good ‘ole groundhog doesn’t see his shadow. We celebrate true Love in the middle of the month during Valentine’s Day. And if the bug strikes, we begin our annual Spring Cleaning fiasco. February, the shortest month of them all, what secrets do you hold?

Groundhog Day greets us on the 2nd as we await Mr. Punxsutawney Phil to make a decision. The ancients celebrated Imbolgc, a rite of purification with fire. How we made the transition from fire to groundhog I’m not entirely sure – but I’m sure its an interesting story. Read the rest of this entry »

An essay from Lady Raven StormDancer 2014


 Around this time of year, I begin to look over my journal, examine my BOS, update my grimoire, and reread old essays and blogs.  In reading my blogs, I noticed my subject matters were varied – some philosophical thoughts, some history, some herbs, some lighthearted fun.  In that spirit, I have decided to continue diversifying my themes, and today I am writing about the Tarot card that I had been learning about for the last year – Justice.

Any good reader will tell you that reading Tarot consists of more than just memorizing what someone else thinks the card signifies.  You must observe the picture, develop a relationship with the cards, and use your own experience to interpret meanings.  While every deck is different, some key patterns emerge within the card that crosses the majority of decks.  Keeping that in mind, we will examine the card of Justice in the context of those clues that traverse most decks.  These include an unsmiling figure, a sword, a blindfold, and color choices that are quite severe.  Looking at the symbolism of these components can help us get a clearer picture of what the card represents. Read the rest of this entry »

Lady Celestia ushers in the New Year with more of her excellent insights!

A whole new year is here to greet us! So what do we have to look forward to? Well for starters, the month of January hosts two New Moons which amps up our desire for new beginnings. The good thing? It is the perfect astrological time to start new things.

January 1st, New Years Day dawns our first New Moon of the year. In Capricorn, none the less. We are starting off feeling like a true new year is upon us. Capricorn helps us feel all organized and practical. Don’t be surprised if you don’t feel much like partying. Capricorn is all about business and getting down to it, so if you can take the time to sit down and reorganize a part of your life that you’ve been long ignoring – it would be a wise time to do so. That’s right everyone. Clean out that closet. It’s time to get rid of the old and make the space for the new. Read the rest of this entry »

As the year winds down, Lady Celestia brings her latest!

The end of our year is finally here as we welcome December once again. Excitement hangs in the air as the Holiday’s approach. Don’t let stress rule your month nor your mind, instead find the true joy that December brings.

 The New Moon in Sagittarius greets us immediately this month on the 2nd. Have you been waiting for a sign? Some sort of wisdom to lead you forward? Well, now is the time to find it. The Sagittarian moon grants us a window of seeing things that we may not normally see. Release your expectations for just a few days and see what happens. Read the rest of this entry »

An essay by Lady Raven StormDancer

Samhain approaches, and as we attune to the increased darkness, to the bitter chill in the air, to the Earth as She quiets and draws in, we find ourselves drawing in as well.  Sometimes this can manifest as seasonal depression, and sometimes it is just the darkness within claiming us for its own.  In these dark and stagnant times, the question of “why me” becomes the one we reflect on the most.  It is the question that pulls us down into our darkened water that threatens to drown us in our sorrow and loneliness.  It is the question we ask when misfortune befalls us and what we stew on in our silent times.  It is the question that chains us to the past and won’t let us go even when we scream to the gods that enough is enough and we want to move on.  “Why me?” is the question of the darkness within. Read the rest of this entry »